Early intervention for children overcoming the challenges of Autism Spectrum and related Disabilities
Every child's life begins with the ability and desire to communicate with the people they love. Children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder suffer difficulties in all areas of communication including speech, socialization and learning. Early intensive intervention has proven critical to these children realizing their highest potential.
At the CRYSTAL ACADEMY, that is our mission.
We are proud to provide a variety of evidence based services crafted into holistic programs individualized for each child centered around intensive Behavior therapy based on the Verbal Behavior VB-MAPP.
Take the first step to a better future for your child and your family, call us at:   305-567-5881
Everyone has a great time on Social Fun Day, especially the staff! With art, recreation, fun learning games, and many more playful, social activities, everyone had a great day.
Remote Observation
Remote Observation
Crystal Academy offers parents secure access to observe their child in therapy from anywhere there is an internet connection. Recordings of sessions are available upon request.
Crystal Academy Primary School
The Crystal Academy Primary School develops and nurtures a child's individualized ability, while meeting the needs of the child through academics, evidence based services, and socialization with peers. Fostering individual learning styles to make your child more independent and social within their community and their life. Please visit the website to learn more.         Click here...

ASD ABA Skill Development
"We have been noticing at home that he engages in conversations! Not just exchange of words, but true meaningful communication. At times he even uses inflections, being purposely funny or silly. It's like accessing my little guy again- or for the first time. I am encouraged every day that his progress is solid and substantial."                                              Luke's Mom
Occupational Skills Development
"Thank you for taking such good care of my little one. To give you an idea, we had being struggling on Potty Training for more than a year. 2 months of Crystal and Isabella is 8 out of 10 accident free. She is creating more individual sounds, this shows everytime I do the exercises with her. Please extend my deep appreciation to your staff."                                            Bella's Dad
ASD Social Group Skills Development
"The Crystal Academy has grown to be such an important part of my family's life. Since my son began we have seen so much progress in his development. The staff truly care about his well being! One of the unique things is that they have tailored a program for my son to meet his special needs, this has been an integral part of my son's success."                              Harrison's Mom
The Crystal Academy is located in the secure and idyllic setting of the St. James Lutheran church in Coral Gables.
Crystal Academy Campus